joi, 7 aprilie 2016

joi, 10 decembrie 2015

Profit taking

Above are 3 of the trades I've closed yesterday.

joi, 19 noiembrie 2015

Gold and money

A great article from The Telegraph explains why gold  is a great investment in nowadays economics especially in countries where the currency is about to be subject of strong devaluation processes:

Short position on USD/CHF

Unfortunately, I forgot to post a trade I did a couple of days earlier, which consisted in opening a short position on USD/CHF. This position was a losing one (and still is as of today), and yet I decided to add another short to my portofolio, since now the quotation is at an ultra high level, matching the one from point when the dollar collapsed against the CHF.

vineri, 13 noiembrie 2015

The Chronicles of Debt from "The Economist"

This week's "The economist" has a very cool series of articles related to the crises that occured and will occur due to the debts various countries (or group of countries) have. 
By the way, if Adam Smith would live today, his book could be named "The Debt of Nations" ;)